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There is an old saying that states there are two things we can never escape; death and taxes. In the most simple terms, probate is, in essence, the government’s best effort to ensure the latter. As the attached video discusses, probate is something everyone should understand, and a process that you (or more likely your family) might need to use one day.

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Here is a brief overview of the probate process and how it works. If you are also dealing with feelings of sadness and loss as you work through this process, please accept our condolences for your loss.

These are the basic steps of the probate process:

  1. Obtain a certificate of death, which is proof the court will need and is documentation that will need to be filed.
  2. Collect and appraise the assets of the deceased, many professional appraisal services can help with probate needs like these.
  3. Any debts and taxes will be paid from these assets. A will most commonly dictates what is to be done with any remaining property, assets, valuables, and memorabilia.

There are many cases where people will not require probate channels and each state handles probate differently, so it is always good to seek professional advice during these times for help and direction. Good luck with your probate process, and again, we are sorry for your loss.



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