What is the Service of Process

In the video above, the reporter discusses the crucial process of serving legal documents to the person being sued, commonly referred to as ” service of process.” This step is essential when initiating a lawsuit, as proper notification to the other party is required for the case to be considered by the judge. The service includes providing a copy of the complaint or petition along with a “summons” form, informing the individual about the lawsuit, and detailing when and how to appear in court.

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Service can be executed through various methods, such as by the sheriff, a detective, a special process server, certified mail, or even by publishing a notice in the local newspaper. The sheriff’s involvement requires delivering court papers to the defendant, either by taking them or mailing the stamped summons and copies to the sheriff’s office.

Once the person is served, the sheriff, detective, or process server provides a sworn statement on the back of the summons copy, demonstrating the individual’s awareness of the case. Special methods like certified mail or publication are also explored, each involving specific procedures. Lastly, when suing a company, additional rules apply, making it imperative to seek guidance from a lawyer, consult the local circuit clerk’s office, or visit “Illinois-legal-aid-dot-org” for more information on the service process.

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