Things to Ensure When Seeking Opportunities Abroad

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Working abroad requires a lot of requirements, especially in its legal aspect. We need to understand its concept, the pros and cons of the process, and the requirements to be provided. To name a few, it is necessary to provide curriculum vitae, passport, work visa — if necessary, professional license, and police clearance. An applicant seeking occupation or profession abroad must know these mentioned requirements; they must know where to apply for application and how to manage it.

Just like any other documents, not securing one’s legal requirements and documents can cause trouble later on. Or worse, would not let an individual pursue a plan of working abroad. It is essential to know how to do it and why.


Passport is defined as a law-required document for identification to be carried by persons residing or traveling within a country. A passport is an initial requirement before entering any country, whether a tourist or a worker. It contains a person’s basic personal information like full name, place of birth, and birth date. It is essential to have a passport because it is a safe passage and protection in a foreign land.

Aside from the ordinary passport that most people would probably know, there are other types of passport existing and given by a state or country. One of them is a diplomatic passport. This kind of passport is given to a diplomat — usually appointed by the government to conduct official business abroad to maintain political, economic, and social relations — traveling to represent their home country abroad. Aside from that, there is also an existing modern passport, which is called ePassport. It is an electronic passport that contains an electronic chip that contains the owner’s personal information. This is considered more secure due to its technology, which can be used against passport fraud.

Requirements to get a passport varies depending on the country or state you are residing for they have different processes needed to be fulfilled. Typically, an applicant needs to fill out an application form, a valid ID that will serve as your identity and citizenship, passport-sized photos, and ready payment for the corresponding fee.

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Curriculum Vitae

This certain document is essential not just for the applicant but also on the employer’s end. It is important that as early as submitting an impressive curriculum vitae, an applicant is already sending a background of himself/herself. It’s also a signal that says he/she is fit on the required skills and knowledge an occupation needs. It is considered to be direct communication with a potential employer.

It is an essential tool for an applicant to present their accomplishments, career objectives, skills, strengths, and experiences. On the employer’s end, they can use the curriculum vitae to guide which job applies or fit the applicants the most.

An effective curriculum vitae must be a one-pager if possible. It must contain the applicant’s important information such as full name, contact details, location or address, and/or professional title. One has to secure putting his/her work experiences, relevant achievements, and career goal or reason for his/her application. It has to be ensured that the applicant will provide at least two character references — preferably those who know the applicants’ capabilities and credibility in working. In the physical aspect, it will be much more impressive to leave it clean and neat.

Corresponding Visa

Initially, working abroad requires a basic work permit or visa. It permits a person to take occupation in a foreign country. The US Bureau of Consular Affairs stated that around 140,000 immigrant visas for employment are given to qualified applicants under U.S. immigration law.

Like on a passport, necessary documents needed for an application depend on the country an individual is entering. An applicant has to ensure filling out an application form, a valid ID, and passport. There are processing fees that require a lot of money, especially when filing a petition. Such fee ranges from $3,500 to $5,000 in expense because it includes attorney fees, legal documentation process, forms, and others.

Risking an individual to work without having enough permit to do so will eventually face civil and criminal liabilities, certain penalties, questioning along with detainment and deportation. They can also be banned in the country he/she entered if the individual will be proven working without any permits.

Police Clearance

The government gives this type of requirement, indicating that the applicant is clear or free from any criminal records. It will validate the character of an individual, whether law-abiding or otherwise. This clearance will be an aid to show how responsible a person is as a citizen, immigrant, visitor, worker, or student. If a past instance puts the applicant into a record that shows a violation that leads to a conviction and criminal proceedings, you can notice that there will be a remark on the certificate stating what was violated.

The most commonly needed requirements are the prescribed application form, passport, and two other identity documents. Be ready for the amount of money needed for the application fee and processing fee.

Processing such requirements for an individual to be able to work abroad can be very stressful and tiring. But knowing how to process it and what to prepare makes it easier to pursue a career abroad.

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