Instances That Require an Estate and Probate Attorney

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Parting with a loved one is the least that we want to talk about because of the pain that goes with it. Though it is difficult to think about estate and money matters after a loved one’s passing, it is necessary to settle the legalities involved after someone’s death.

This makes hiring an experienced probate attorney in Denver and other cities an advisable measure to deal with financial matters in the most immediate and efficient manner. It also allows the relatives of the departed ones to mourn and heal. Remember these three Cs:


The need to appear in court for probate proceedings will require you a lawyer. They can handle wills or estate documents that need clarification. These will be presented to the court for interpretation. Also, a court representative is needed if there is anyone who challenges the will. These people will also need a lawyer since challenging a will leads to litigation.

There is also a need to go to court in instances that creditors also file claims for an estate that has insufficient value to settle its debts, administrative expenses, and taxes. A probate attorney can help you manage all these creditors


Tensions among heirs will require a probate lawyer to settle disputes. Since estate proceedings can tear families apart, lawyers can mitigate the problems that may arise during the probate process. Challenging a will or claiming it to be invalid will demand a lawyer to help avoid a court battle among heirs. Thus, hiring one early can help preserve peace within the family and settle the matters right away.


The preparation of legal documents during probate is necessary to fulfil the last wishes after death while helping those left behind to manage the inheritance. Any agreement among beneficiaries and their necessary contracts to manage the assets should be documented. These complex tasks require an attorney for proper transfer and dissolution of ownership. However, if there are no additional agreements or changes related to the will and the beneficiaries will simply receive their share of the assets, an attorney is not a necessity.

Can any lawyer represent you in a probate process?

A probate attorney handles the assets of a person after death. They can prevent personal liability, help with tax and trust, and dedicate time to ensure efficient service. Yes, any lawyer with a license can represent you in any legal matter concerning this. However, just like doctors with specialization, lawyers have their own field of expertise. When they practice in a particular field, they are more familiar with the issues that they need to address and anticipate.

A probate lawyer can guide you through the process and the issues that could arise. They bring the experience that other lawyers may or may not have if their field of practice is different. You can gain peace of mind knowing that you have an experienced professional by your side. That said, it is not a question whether any other lawyers can represent you. Rather, it would benefit you to have an estate and probate lawyer to represent you.

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