How Technology is Making the Roads Safer for Bicycle Riders


It has been well-established that driving a car to work contributes to air pollution plaguing major cities around the world and exacerbates climate change. The gasses emitted by the vehicle not only harmful to the environment, but would also cause damage to the body if inhaled. Moreover, the fuel that is burned to keep your engines running is extracted from the earth in a way that damages the local ecosystem and causes ecological disasters.

Bicycling to work, therefore, is an eco-friendly alternative. It does not require petroleum products to operate and it does not emit smoke, carbon monoxide, and other harmful toxins.

In addition, it can be counted as exercise. Bicycles keep your body active, especially now that obesity is on the rise across the entire nation.

Bicycle Accidents

However, riding a bicycle can be dangerous. So many cities and towns still do not have a path specifically for cyclers.

Accidents involving bicycle riders can result in serious injuries and even death. If another party, say a car driver, is to blame, the cyclist can take the perpetrator to court for damages. A bicycle accident lawyer, who has experience handling and winning similar cases, would be able to help you or your loved one collect financial compensation from the incident.

However, before you or your loved one gets into an accident, you should follow safety precautions that apply to cyclists. In addition, adopting these technologies might one day save your lives.

Air Bag Clothing

In cars, during a crash, an airbag is automatically deployed to prevent the driver and passengers from the impact. Bicycles do not have the same kind of mechanisms, but you can have your own airbag in the event of an accident.

You can now buy airbag vests that can protect you from a crash.

Just the ones found in cars, the airbag in vests are deployed immediately when the cyclist is ejected from the bicycle. The vest would protect the neck, back, chest, and major organs from serious injuries.

Helmet with Turn Signals


Bicycles are part of the road and, therefore, should adhere to road etiquette. But, sometimes, because of the size of their vehicle, cyclists are ignored.

A helmet that shows traffic signals and its own brake lights will make you more difficult to disregard.

Since 2016, Lumos has been selling helmets with the aim to keep cyclists safe while on the road. The company’s helmets are equipped with LED lights that communicate whether the bicycle is about to make a turn or has started to slow down. In short, these helmets give bicycles the same features that all cars have.

Rear Radar

Getting hit from the back is a real risk for bicycle riders. Unfortunately, it is a blindspot. Like cars, cyclists do not have nlrearview mirrors that allow them to monitor the vehicles behind them.

Garmin’s radar system provides a solution to the problem. The device, which is placed on the rear of the bicycle, would notify the cyclist if there is another vehicle behind them. It is also capable of measuring the speed of the vehicle and will shine brighter when it is time to get out of the way. It is the first rearview radar created for bicycles.

Road safety should be a priority for everyone, especially cyclists. These devices will help ensure that you will be protected while you traverse the road with your bicycle.

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