Avoid These Child Support Modification Mistakes

If you’re currently paying child support, and you’re seeking a modification of the payment, it’s essential to know how to correctly apply for a reduction. In the attached video, viewers learn three common mistakes to avoid when filing for a child support modification. If you make these mistakes, the judge is likely to deny your claim.

According to the video, the most common mistake is not submitting the necessary documentation to justify a modification.

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Telling the judge that your reason for requesting a reduction is due to a decrease in your pay or a loss of your job isn’t sufficient. You need documentation of those facts: pay stubs or a letter from your employer would be sufficient.

Another mistake is to quit your job. Quitting a job would be seen as your choice – even if you sincerely intend to start a business. A judge who learns you quit your job without making a provision for future income has the option of further legal action.

The third mistake is to stop paying child support while you wait for your modification of support to be processed. Your good intentions won’t be recognized by the judge. Child support is your responsibility, and the judge will hold you accountable.

Child support modification can be difficult to navigate, so it’s critical to have the right knowledge. Be sure to avoid these mistakes to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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