5 Tips to Stay Safe When Taking Public Transportation


When we ride public transportation, we are putting our safety into the hands of other people. Unlike in our private cars where we can control the vehicle and ensure our safety, we are not afforded the same power when taking public transportation. But despite that, there are still proactive things we can do to stay safe when choosing to take public transportation.

Don’t dress in a flashy manner

As a precautionary measure, we should avoid dressing flashily when taking public transportation. We’re not the only ones riding the vehicle — there are the hundreds of other commuters in a train or the driver in the cab.

As such, you should be careful not to attract pickpockets or thieves. Leave your jewelry at home and keep your expensive watch. In the same manner, don’t hold your gadgets out in the open. You want to draw out as much attention from yourself so that you won’t be a target.

Keep your money safe

Probably the number one goal of a thief is to nab your wallet. That’s why you have to keep it as secure as possible. When taking public transportation, don’t stash your money or purse in your pockets. Put it deep in your bag instead.

An even smarter strategy is to keep your credit cards and pieces of cash in different places. Don’t put all of them in your wallet. That way, if you become a victim of pickpocketing, you don’t lose all your resources.

Make sure the transportation you’re taking is legitimate

This might seem odd to you. But surprisingly, there are a lot of fake cabs and Ubers out there who pick up victims who hail them. Remember that you don’t have control over the driver, so you should at least be wary of the vehicle you’re riding. The last thing you want is to be taken to a dark, isolated area and nabbed of all your belongings.

Take note of official taxi colors, plates, and models. This will help you determine which ones are registered and licensed public transportation and which ones are used by criminals to pick up potential targets.

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Stay alert

Especially during long trips, it’s tempting to bring out your phone and browse through your social media accounts or play games. But this will make you an easy target because you’re distracted. As much as possible, you want to stay awake and alert when riding public transportation. That way, you can easily notice when people around you are acting out a malicious agenda.

Avoid crowded vehicles

During rush hours, buses and trains can get very crowded. Everyone’s trying to get to work on time. But this is also the peak hours when thieves go out to find their targets. When people are pressing and pushing you, it’s easier for pickpockets to make their way into your belongings and grab your wallet from your back pocket. You won’t even know who did it, because of the overwhelming number of people that are too close to you. Avoid these sticky situations by choosing to get off crowded transportation or simply traveling during non-peak hours.

Accidents and injuries are also common when taking public transportation. Although this is mostly in the driver’s hands and not in yours, take the extra effort to know what to do in case of an accident. Knowing an uber accident lawyer to call, memorizing emergency hotlines, etc. will be of great help in case of an unforeseen circumstance.

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